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Have you ever thought about how it would make you feel to have your personal space just a fraction more comfortable? What would it take and how much happier would you be on a daily basis? Those are the questions that our founders have tried to answer.

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Cérulien (1) was born with the aim to help you make your living space a more comfortable and lively place, in lines with your values, standards and personality.

Many of us have recently had to find comfort at home one way or another. Achieving this may have been a very difficult thing to do when one is not used to spending so much time in a single place. Having to go through phases of isolation, social distancing and so on meant that our connection and the way we interact with the outside world has been completely disrupted. We have had to find new forms of comfort and peace, inside. 

Finding the right balance in a personal space that is now required to be so versatile has been a struggle that Cérulien’s founders have faced and are still trying to overcome to this day.  

That’s why, creating a more positive personal environment is at the heart of Cérulien’s vision, because we believe in the power of positivity at home. 

Our passion for customer service means that we, at Cérulien, are committed to deliver the greatest level of service possible. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Cérulien is absolutely delighted to provide you with home decor items to fall in love with, which will spark joy and bring comfort to your space.

“When summer is done and the heat is gone, in the midst of this uncertainty, the only place left to visit is your home. Make it truly yours.”

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(1) CÉRULIEN or CERULEAN? You have heard of the wonderful colour "Cerulean Blue" and wonder whether the name of our store is misspelled? Think again!  Although both words sound exactly the same, our founders, Ruben and Julien have joined their names into the Cérulien brand to create their own definition of Comfort at Home, with a capital C and an accent on our customer service.

Together, let's make your home the most Beautiful and Comfortable place on Earth, one item at a time!

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