How to add sculptures into your interior design?

If I tell you to think of a sculpture, what comes to mind first? Giant antique sculptures of Gods and Goddesses? The statue of Liberty? Michelangelo’s David or perhaps the Venus de Milo? Well, that’s not a surprise. They are some of the most famous sculptures in the world! Most of them are actually exposed in museums.

Classical beauty  | How to add sculptures into your interior | Statue of a lady sculpted in white marble laying on a long chair in front of a massive vase with red flowers in the background | Cerulien | Home decor to fall in love with


However, have you ever thought about having them displayed in your own home as decoration? You’d be surprised! There are several ways to add sculptures into your own interior design without looking pretentious or turning your entire house into a museum. Sculptures bring life to a room; they provide a focal point and are great conversation starters.

Here are 5 creative ways that you can incorporate sculptures into your decor.

Sculpture and vase all-in-one

White David Bust Vase with flowers displayed on a marble table next to a marshall speaker | Cerulien Home decor to fall in love with

Michelangelo David Bust Vase 

 If you are new to the world of sculptures, this piece transformed into a vase might be an excellent starter option. This is a creative and lowkey way to add elegance to your home. You can also get creative and use the vase to hold other items besides flowers such as makeup brushes or pens.

Start small

White Victory Goddess statue displayed on a dark wooden table agains a grey background with great lighting | Cerulien, Home decor to fall in Love with.


Small sculptures are incredible pieces because they are easy to incorporate into your existing interior design. Smaller sculptures are also more affordable and easier to move around. Some ideas on the placement of smaller sculptures are on a bookshelf, side table, or on your desk. The above Victory Goddess Statue is a great option. 


Abstract One line drawing Sculpture standing on a white desk in front of different household accessories | Cerulien Home decor to fall in love with


Sculptures do not need to be reserved for antique lovers. There are many that would be great for those who like more abstract, contemporary or  modern designs. A wire sculpture is ideal if your room has a bold or minimalist look. Sculptures made of wire are the perfect addition to any room that one wishes to add a modern touch to. They are also multifunctional and incredibly beautiful.

Splash of gold

David Bust Statues, one black, one white, both with a dash of gold paint covering their eyes displayed on a table with modern design books. The sculptures are against a white wall showered by bright sunlight against which a piece of art is displayed | Cerulien Home decor to fall in love with

Classical Bust Statue

Does the idea of sculptures sound old and boring? Think again! Some sculptures are made to be fun and vibrant whilst keeping their historical significance. A sort of combination of the old and new world. For example, some sculptures have a splash of gold that will add to their beauty and elevate the room they are in. These sculptures are not only pretty to look at, but they are guaranteed to be great conversation starters when you have guests over.

Decorate outside

Antique Gargoyle statue sat down with arms wrapped around legs for garden and outdoor displays | Cerulien, Home decor to fall in Love with

Mischievous Gargoyle Statue

 Sculptures are not limited to inside your home. They can also be a great addition outdoors. Decorate your garden with gargoyle sculptures to watch over all of your pretty flowers. Adding sculptures outside will give more depth to the look of your garden.


What style of sculpture are you looking to incorporate into your home? Let us know in the comments or drop us a message. We'd love to hear from you!



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