Choose the perfect vase for your flower arrangements

A collection of four vases in very different shapes and sizes, all supporting lovely long-stemmed flowers. All four vases are displayed on a white piece of cloth resembling linen. The surrounding walls are also covered with a similar linen looking fabric  adding to the overall coziness of the picture. A bright light is shining from the left hand corener of the picture putting all items well in display. Cerulien, Home decor to fall in love with. How to choose the perfect vase for your flower arrangement blog.


Adding flowers to your interior is always a great idea. Blooms, displayed in an appropriate vase, have the power to uplift and brighten up any space. They give you the ability to add touches of colour and texture wherever you see fit. However, finding a vase that will support your amazing flower arrangements can sometimes be tricky. Here is your guide on how to choose the perfect vase for your flowers.

Vases come in all shapes and sizes

It takes a little planning and artful skills to make your flowers become the focal point of your interior. When choosing a vase to support them, many options are available as they come in all shapes and sizes. We have broken down below some popular options along with some tips on how to pick the right shape, based on the type of flowers you are working with. 

The Classic Column Vase

A classic column vase made of transparent glass in which beautiful pink lilies are displayed. The vase is sitting on a pile of 3 magazines piled up on a small round table against a neutral off white wall. The tone of the picture is very monochromatic and the light comes from the left hand side. Cerulien Home decor inspirations.

If you are working with long-stemmed flowers, the column vase is a classic piece to consider. Usually found in transparent glass, the narrow neck will immediately draw attention to the beauty of your lilies, gladioli or sunflowers, without compromising on their tall and elegant features.

Hourglass Vases

A white grain ceramic hourglass-shaped vase supporting red round flowers with green stems. The vase is sitting on a plain white and shiny surface with a beige toned wall. Cerulien Home decor, How to choose the perfect vase for your flower arrangements.
Thinking of mixing flowers and leaves? Then any hourglass-shaped vase will be suitable. They will provide an optimal, full-depth display of the arrangement whilst giving the impression of a well rounded bouquet. This vase will be the perfect type for roses, hydrangeas or peonies. If you need some inspiration, either of our Antique ceramic flower vases available in 25cm or 35cm are great places to start.

Round vases

A light brown vase with a shiny finish supporting a colourful flower arrangement. The vase is sitting on a white counterto and agains a plain white wall which makes the flowers stand out. Cerulien, Home decor, How to choose the perfect vase for your flower arrangements.

Unlike hourglass vases, round flower holders are not suitable for long-stemmed or light-stalked flower bouquets. However, they are a treat for the hand-tied mixed flowers or any beautifully arranged posy of roses, tulips, or gerberas. 

The idea is to cut down the stems to make the flowers stand upright in the vase with the leaves sitting on the neck, or you can play with positioning the flowers at different heights and make it the centrepiece of the dinner table or your console table.

Small Flower vases

A set a thee lovely small flower vases with two golden wire frames and one black wire frame coming in different shapes. The Three vases are displayed against a green painted wall which makes the gold colour of the wire stand out in a very elegant way. Cerulien, Home decor. How to choose the Perfect vase for your flower arrangements. 
Small flower vases are specific types of vases that accommodate single, long-stalked blooms or smaller types of plants such as succulents or cacti. The small flower vases are our favourites at Cérulien! We absolutely love them and collect many variations and styles. From quirky character flower pots to gold-frame or art deco-inspired vases, they are mainly used as accessories to decorate a table, shelf or chimney breast and often add a trendy and artsy touch. 

You can find them all in our collection called: In need of Floral Support. 

Handmade Baskets

a Handmade woven basket on the grass supporting a full bouquet of flowers. The woven basket with Handles is standing next to a green watering can. the picture looks very artistic. Cerulien, Home decor to fall in love with. How to choose the perfect vase for your flower arrangement.

Flowers presented in a basket have a particular charm and can make quite a statement if displayed in the appropriate environment. 

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, woven baskets will protect the soil from which your flowers will grow while allowing them to breathe properly. If you are looking for a more authentic look, then a handmade basket will make the perfect fit!

Let your heart decide

Choosing the right vase for your flowers is a similar exercise to finding the next best piece of art to display at home. With so many options available you have room to experiment, mix, match and more... But regardless of the current trends out there, it is always best to take a look inside and ask yourself whether any addition to your home sparks joy and makes you happy. 

Do you own a selection of vases to proudly display your flower arrangements? Let us know your favourite type of vase in the comments section below.

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